"My mind says Huffman, but my stomach says Eisenhower... huh, I don't know what that means really, but I bet Ike tastes like a cheeseburger."- Suburban man

Pedestrians or Civilians-Are the most common humans in the game, They always run from Crypto, although in Path of the Furon, The Citizens react in disbelief, thinking Crypto is in a Halloween costume, or an ugly midget, etc.... Very weak-minded and give the poorest amount of DNA.

Destroy All Humans!Edit

Turnipseed Farm- farmer, farmer's wife, rural crazy, rural lady/teenage girl

Rockwell- Farmer, rural lady/teenage girl, fair worker/cowboy, suburban man/teenage boy... farmer's wife (temporarily)

Santa Modesta- Suburban man/teenage boy. suburban lady 1 and 2, suburban crazy.... scientist 2 (temporarily)

Area 42- General 1 and 2.......Dock Worker 3 and scientist 1 and 2 (temporarily)

Union Town- Dock Worker 1, urban crazy....... Dock Worker 2 and 3 an scientist 1 and 2 (temporarily)

Capitol City- Urban man 1 and 2, Urban Lady 1 and 2, Scientist 1

Destroy All Humans! 2Edit

Bay City- American hippie man 1, 2, and 3, American hippie lady 1, 2, and 3, urban man, urban lady

Albion- British hippie man 1, 2, an 3, British hippie lady 1, 2. and 3, urban man, urban lady

Takoshima- Japanese man 1, 2, and 3, Japanese lady 1 and 2, Japanese school girl

Tunguska- Russian man, Russian lady, Male Russian scientist, Female Russian Scientist, KGB Agent with no gun

Solaris- Cosmonaut man 1 and 2

Destroy All Humans! Big Willy UnleashedEdit

Harbor City- American man 1/male reporter, American man 2/camera man/teenage boy 1, American lady 1/ teenage girl/female reporter, Dock worker/construction worker, Disco Guy, Disco girl, Big Willy Worker

Fairfield- American man 1, American man 2/teenage boy 1, American lady 1/teenage girl, American lady 2, teenage boy 2, farmer, construction worker, Big Willy Worker

Fantasy Atoll- Tourist man 1 and 2, Tourist lady 1 an 2, Big Willy Ship Worker, Captain/ship worker, native man 1 and 2, native lady, pirate man 1 and 2, pirate girl, stranded man 1 and 2

Vietmahl- Vietnamese man, Vietnamese lady, Big Willy Worker, Adventurer, Colonel Kluckins' agent guy 1 an 2 with no gun, Colonel Kluckin's agent girl with no gun...... scientist (temporarily)

Destroy All Humans! Path of the FuronEdit

Las Paridiso- American man 1, 2, and 3, American Lady 1 and 2, Tourist man, Tourist Lady, Gambler lady

Sunnywood- American man 4 and 5, American man 6/college student, American lady 1, 3, an 4, American lady 5/college student, skate girl/ college student, male swimmer, female swimmer

Shen Long- Monk, Chinese man 1 and 2, an 3, Chinese lady 1 and 2, British dockworker/ sailor, work girl/ prostitute 1, 2, and 3....... hookers (temporarily)

Belleville- French man 1 and 2, French women 1 and 2, Tourist man, Tourist woman....... Scientist 1, 2, and 3, Union worker (temporarily)

Fourth Ring of Furon- Furon male, Furon female, Furon worker, American man 1 and 2, American lady 1 and 6, Tourist man, Tourist female.....Temporary Skate girl/college student

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