Planes are human vehicles that can fly through the air. However, in the Destroy All Humans! saga, they are only seen on land.

Destroy All Humans!Edit

This is the first appearance of planes. But only one can be found at Area 42 Airfield, it appears to be a cargo plane or a bomber based on the real life B29 Superfortress. It is possible that it got destroyed as well as the rest of the Airfield by the nuclear explosion that Crypto caused.
Destroy-all-humans-20041202023843430-1000992 640w-1-

The cargo plane in full size

Destroy All Humans! Big Willy UnleashedEdit

During the mission "Requiem for a Ratpoo", Ortopox orders you to destroy everything on Fantasy Atoll that has something to with Mr. Pork, including a plane. It appear to be a civilian version of a Martin PBM Mariner.

Destroy All Humans! Path Of The FuronEdit

Technically speaking, the planes do not appear in this game, but are instead mentioned during the mission "Crypto Presents Disaster" where News Reporter Veronica Stone reports that the destruction of Sunnywood was caused by Soviet Fighter Jets and that World War III has begun.

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