The police are the first enemy Crypto will encounter in most locations (except for Area 42, Capitol City, Tunguska, Solaris, and the Fourth Ring of Furon). They are relatively weak, only having a pistol and rarely a shotgun. They will remain until the awareness level increases higher than two icons, and will be seen patrolling the town at lower levels.

Destroy All Humans! Edit

In the first Destroy All Humans, the Police were the official police force of the United States. They can be encountered in Santa Modesta, Rockwell, Union Town and Turnipseed Farm.

Cop DAH 1

Police Officers as they appeared in DAH1.

Strangely, every cop will speak with a thick Irish accent when the first two police officers at Turnipseed Farm have normal American accents in the first mission of the game.

It's also revealed through scanning an officer's mind that they are corrupt and use excessive force all the time.

Destroy All Humans! 2 Edit

In Destroy All Humans! 2. Crypto and Pox go around the world this time, this means they will be different police forces that will come after Crypto. They do not appear in certain locations either due to Military Presence or they are not assigned to that location.

Bay City Edit

In Bay City, the Police retain their American accents instead of the Irish accents. They're just the same as in Destroy All Humans!

Albion Edit

In Albion, the Police are modelled after the Metropolitan Police in England. They wear Custodian Helmets and have cocky British accents.

Takoshima Edit

Located in Japan. This Police Force is a little outdated possibly due to Japan's liberation after World War 2.

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