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A Police Box was a device on the street which allowed a member of authority to call in backup. The Police Boxes were used by Crypto to either raise or lower the Alert Level. Crypto had to be disguised as a Cop in order to use it.

You could also do prank calls on Police Boxes. To do that, you could be disguised as anyone. Below is a list of the prank calls heard in the game:

Bay City

"Do you deliver?" "What are you wearing?" "Hey! Why the long face? I’m looking for Mr. Jass, first name Hugh?" "Yeah, I want to put down fifty large on the niners?"


"Is your fridge running?" "When do you get off?" "Ever heard of someone called Sherlock Homes?" "Inspector Freely, please?" "May I speak to Officer Michael Hunt?"


"Do you like scary movies?" "I can save you two dollars per minute on your international and long distance calls" "How many takoshimese does it take to screw in a light bulb?" "Hello, is this the suicide hotline? Cause I’m feeling pretty incredibly depressed". <sound of heavy breathing>


"I’m looking for Schlodovodowisitc Smirnoff" "Hey, is your fridge running?" "Hey, I’m the guy you’re looking for!" "Yeah, can I talk to Agent Meeov, first name Jack?" "Is this information?"


"D’ja hear about the phone that worked on the moon despite the fact that there is no air?" "Is your biodome running?" "Come Quick! There’s some American wacko playing golf on the moon!" "Yeah, I ordered a pizza like seven million years ago." "Yeah, can I speak to Comrade Meeov, first name Jack?"

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