A Power Suit Soldier in Santa Modesta.

Power Suit Soldiers were one of the weapons developed by the Army in Destroy All Humans!

History Edit

The Power Suit Soldiers made their first appearance in Santa Modesta and battled Crypto near the Radio Towers. The Power Suit Soldiers only then appeared in Area 42, Union Town, and Capitol City, usually in patrols. The Power Suit Soldiers were apparently discontinued as the Army didn't feature them from then on in any other game.

Description and UseEdit

The Power Suits were dark green bulky robotic suits. Each unit had two arms tipped with three claws. The torso had a thin, horizontal slit that apparently had a small cannon that was never used. The head was quite small, bucket shaped, and featured a red T-shaped visor. The back had a small nuclear battery charge. Each unit was piloted by a tank commander, though their voices changed into a stereotypical monotonous robot voice.


The Power Suit possessed three small side cannons on its forearms, which were the Mech's primary means of attacking. Should that fail, or should the enemy got too close, the Power Suit unleashed a stomp attack which knocked away any nearby Human, Crypto, or object. Oddly enough, whether it's due to a glitch or not, a stomp attack could knock an airborne Crypto into the ground.

Armquist's Power SuitEdit


Armquist's Power Suit.

Armquist was shown to posses his own Power Suit, which resembled the standard Power Suit save for a few details: The custom suit was silver, had an Army emblem on its chest, and also boasted a missile launcher which could instantly kill Crypto with a direct hit. That Mech was reduced to scrap following Armquist's defeat in Union Town.

Appearances Edit