Rockwell was the second area in Destroy All Humans!. Rockwell was a small mid-western town. In his first mision in Rockwell, Crypto infiltrated the local fair and hypnotized Miss Rockwell into walking to the Saucer for probing. Shortly after Miss Rockwell reached the Saucer, the Police arrived and Crypto destroyed the fairground. The newspaper blamed the destruction on a freak storm. On his second mission, Crypto impersonated the Mayor of Rockwell (after he put him to sleep) and convinced the citizens that nothing unusual went on. It was also during that mission that Crypto learned of Santa Modesta. On his third and final mission to Rockwell, Crypto used a film made by Orthopox to hypnotize local teenagers. The newspaper said that the film was something for everyone. The newspaper for that town was "The Rockwell Gazette".


  • Carnival: A small fenced in area, at the edge of the town. It had many stands and rides, including a Ferris Wheel, a tent, a petting zoo (which featured only a cow), and a stand where the Mayor planned on talking to Miss Rockwell. Crypto destroyed that area with the Saucer.
  • Town Hall: The largest building in town. It had 2 balconies, and it was where the Mayor gave his speech in the 2nd mission.
  • Police Station: The only police station in the game. It was next to the shopping area and had no role in the game.
  • Drive-in Theater: One of the largest areas in Rockwell and was where Crypto used a film to mind control teenagers. Across from the screen was a small building which appeared to sell snacks and to the left of that was a small, fenced in gazebo.


  • Near the 1st Landing Zone, to the right, a sign read: "Santa Modesta, 180 miles".
  • If Crypto got killed in Rockwell, the newspaper headline sometimes said: "Creature Found in Woods".
  • Near the bridge to left of the fair a sign (although it was difficult to spot) said: "Blackberry Hill".
  • When first selecting Rockwell, Pox angrily said: "Roswell, Rockwell! That's the last time I take directions from a Cryptosporidium."
  • On a sign, it said: "Rockwell Pop: 3200."

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