"At least Russian Mafia deserving bad reputation. Not like Yakuza, they're just KGB puppets anyways

-Russian Soldier's Thoughts

The Russian Mafia were a group of armed peasants who lived in Kimbaherskye, Tunguska. Their leader, Victor, was killed by Crypto in an odd job.

Appearance Edit

The Russian Mafia were dressed like other male peasants in Tunguska, except, like the Yakuza, wore dark black sunglasses. They also used a Shotgun as a weapon.

Relationship with the Blisk Edit

The Russian Mafia have formed a relationship with the Blisk. It's not for sure how they formed that relationship, but a Russian Mafia member went go into Blisk Territory without being attacked. Russian Mafia members did not attack Blisk either.

Appearances Edit