Fauxhall was an Army Sergeant, who was stationed in Bay City and had Crypto complete two odd jobs for him. The first job involved capturing Clayton Cartwell Jr. (a draft-dodging hippie), while the second job tasked Crypto with killing a rogue soldier named Private Danza, who sold weapons to the KGB (as well as several photos of Fauxhall in his "younger days").

Appearance(s): Destroy all Humans! 2
Full name: Unknown
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Bay City
Home: Unknown
Nationality: American
Main affiliation:


After he returned to Bay City, Crypto (disguised as a hippie) was given an assignment by a KGB Agent to kill Fauxhall and capture crates that contained bazookas.


  • When he first spoke to Fauxhall, Crypto asked him how General Armquist was doing. Laughing, Fauxhall told him that Armquist was a traitor, insane, and also told him that he tried to blow up an Army Base in the 50's. That was an obvious reference to the events of Destroy All Humans!.
  • Fauxhall was very strict, aggressive, and hated draft dodgers as much as Communists. He was the perfect example of a stereotypical soldier in the 1960's.

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