Santa Modesta was a fictional small town in southern California. It was the setting of several levels in Destroy All Humans!.

Crypto first arrives here after he learns of the town's existence in Rockwell. During his first visit to the town, Crypto infiltrates the Mayor of Santa Modesta's pool party, kills the Mayor and most of the other guests, and ultimately obliterates the bulk of the Santa Modesta Police.

Crypto later attempts to take over with televised mind control after preventing Sleepy Ernst and Majestic's attempts to do the same, but this backfires and kills many people. He later retrieves the irradiated brains of the victims. Crypto later destroys Majestic-controlled fast food restaurants and survive an attack by an Army convoy in the area. It is during this mission that Crypto learns of a mind-control experiment in Rockwell and of the Furon DNA located at Area 42.

On his final mission in the region, Crypto tests out his newly Quantum Deconstructor on the city. Crypto was never required to return to the town.


Santa Modesta's time is late morning. It is depicted as a stereotypical 1950s American town with near-identical houses (each with a television aerial), a television station, a bowling alley, and several diners. Men wearing polyester jackets and housewives walking around in robes. The Invasion Site is based off of Santa Monica, California. Santa Modesta is a parody of Santa Monica. The newspaper for this town is "The Santa Modesta Tribune".

Places of InterestEdit

  • Motel - There are two motels in Santa Modesta. One is a Majestic base, which Crypto destroys. The other is where the Mayor hosts a pool party.
  • SMCBS Station - The SMCBS Station is one of the most important buildings in Santa Modesta, it is where Bert Whither gives his news report. It is also a checkpoint in the side missions.
  • Baseball Field - The Baseball Field is an unused, but large area in Santa Modesta. It has a score board and some bleachers. A scientist can be found here.
  • Santa Modesta Mall - The suburban shopping district & the place where Crypto abducts a G-man.
  • Santa Modesta Bowling Alley - The town's bowling place, the mission North by Northwest starts here.
  • The Lighthouse - A large fortified area, that the Police & Majestic use to keep Bert Whither safe. In the end of the mission "Foreign Correspondent", the newspaper states on the bottom of the paper that the lighthouse will be demolished in a place of a fair.

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