The Saucer was Crypto's most effective tool against the human race. It was capable of not only obliterating Crypto's enemies, but also acted as his home, main base of operations, cloning facility, and lab.
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The original Saucer hovering over a farm and silo in Rockwell.

History Edit

A Saucer appeared in every Destroy All Humans! game. Crypto used it for processing the brain stems of humans and extracting their DNA. The onboard lab allowed him or Pox to perform experiments or to create a new clone if Crypto died. Equipped with a variety of weapons, each Saucer was capable of performing acts of mass destruction. After the destruction of the Mothership, the Saucer was used to hold the HoloPox and Gastro units. The Saucer could cloak itself, and was frequently updated to better suit Crypto and Pox's wants or needs. In Destroy All Humans! 2, the Saucer was able to turn invisible. Crypto would use his Saucer to visit the Mothership frequently in the first installment of the game, in order to get missions and upgrades from Orthopox 13. Not only was the Saucer a mode of transportation and a weapon frequently that was utilized by Crypto and Pox, it was also an omage to classic alien science fiction, that mirrored the classic alien vehicle that was commonly referred to as a UFO rather than a Saucer.

The Original SaucerEdit

When Cryptosporidium 136 first arrived on Earth in 1957 on a scouting mission, he was accidentally hit by a missile at the Roswell testing site. With his ship in disrepair and surrounded by a number of American Army Soldiers, Crypto did what he thought was best; he passed out from the trauma of the crash and was captured.

Good Ol' ReliableEdit

After Orthopox 13 and Cryptosporidium 137 were made aware of 136's death, Crypto was sent to the Turnipseed Farm in his own Saucer; a Saucer that he would use for two more games and for over 25 years. After learning all there was to learn from Turnipseed, Crypto went to Rockwell. After he abducted and probed Miss Rockwell, Orthopox gave Crypto permission to destroy the Rockwell festival with his Death Ray, the standard weapon on any Furon Saucer. Throughout Crypto's mission to collect Furon DNA from humans and to stop the American Majestic agency, he would be granted new weapons from Pox to destroy buildings, evidence, and anything that either of them felt like destroying for fun. Crypto's Saucer first really showed it's full value when it was used to fight the 50ft. President robot, Robo-Prez in Capitol City in 1959.

10 years laterEdit

After Crypto's rise to power as the President of the United States of America, and his decision to lead a more relaxed lifestyle that involved having sex constantly, doing drugs constantly, and blowing stuff up constantly; the Saucer came into disuse. After the deaths of Orthopox and Gastro, and the destruction of the Mothership at the hands of the Soviet Union, the Saucer became Pox and Crypto's main base of operations. After recovering Pox and fixing the Saucer, Crypto begin using it to abduct humans and call the Furon Space Traffic Control in an attempt to gain a new Mothership. Crypto would continue to upgrade his Saucer and gather Datacores to restore former weapons to the Saucer along with giving it new ones. After learning of the Blisk Base on the moon, Crypto along with Natalya and Pox, used the Saucer to investigate and eliminate any Blisk operations that took place there. After Natalya's death and Milenkov's defeat at Crypto's hands, Crypto decided to do some research into the science of cloning and the "process" of making love to the one you love. Naturally, Pox did not approve of this, and demanded that Crypto clone him and not just Natalya; Natalya could keep the loving.

The Burning 70'sEdit

Nearly another ten years later, Crypto and Pox were still on

The new Saucer in Destroy All Humans!: Path of the Furon

Earth, and the Saucer had not become a paperweight. After learning of Pox's involvement and ownership of the Big Willy fast food franchise, Crypto would use his Saucer to help the growth of Pox's business while also protecting it and still harvesting human brain stems. After learning of a possible hostile takeover attempt by Colonel Kluckin, Pox and Crypto used the Saucer to travel to different locations, and dealt with the difficulties that followed.

Pox's "gift" to CryptoEdit

After an undetermined amount of years, shortly before the events of Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon, Crypto became intoxicated and flew his Saucer into the front of the Spacedust Casino, totaled it, and made the Spacedust, his and Pox's semi-permanent base of operations. Over the course of weeks, Pox in private, made Crypto a new Saucer. This Saucer was not only equipped with a new look fit to impress anyone who saw it, but also had new weapons, an improved cloak, a new Abducto Beam that was capable of abducting humans in vast numbers, and new controls that were capable of not only allowing Crypto to go vertical and horizontal, but also diagonal. After he discovered and dealt with the Molinari Brother's plans, and discovered that someone else was trying to kill Crypto and Pox with Nexos. Crypto was forced to destroy all of Los Paradisos and the Space Dust and went to Sunnywood.



Main article: Saucer weapons
The full destruction of the saucer

The full destruction, the saucer is capable of.

The Saucer's weapons were used for destroying buildings, wiping out resistance, or just for destructive fun. The Saucer's internal structure changed color when the weapons changed.

Non-Lethal WeaponsEdit

  • Abducto/Abduction Beam
  • Drain
  • Transmogrify
  • Cloak

Other FunctionsEdit

  • Used for processing the DNA of humans. (Gene Blending)
  • Housed the Holopox unit.
  • Housed Pox Mart and Pox Lab after the Mothership's destruction.
  • Housed a cloning chamber for Crypto which created a clone of him if he died while on a mission.
  • Used for both air and interstellar travel.
  • It could be used to receive television signals to watch on a TV monitor outside of it.


  • Equipped with a variety of weapons, each Saucer was capable of performing acts of mass destruction, while being able to hide itself if the need arose.
  • Each one of Crypto's Saucers was built to resemble the classic alien science fiction UFO from 1950's films.


  • Crypto went through a total of two Saucers:
  1. Crashed the first one and had to destroy the remains.
  2. Crashed the second one into the front of his casino while drunk driving.
  • Each new incarnation of a Saucer in a Destroy All Humans! game, had its own form of cloak and its own limits of what it could do while cloaked and how long it could stay cloaked.

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