Shama Llama

Shama Llama in Bay City.

Shama Llama was an American/Indian Bay City hippie.


When forming the Arkvoodle cult, Cryptosporidium 138 rescued him from the Bay City Police and requested he become the manager of the cult, which he did. He usually gave Crypto his missions for the Arkvoodle cult and sometimes assisted him. He refers to Crypto as the "son of Arkvoodle" but Crypto grew to hate him due to his eccentric behavior. He traveled with Crypto from Bay City to Albion and Takoshima forming more cults there. Twice, he requested Cryptos assistance in defending the cult from those wishing to destroy them. He informed Crypto that he needed several dozen alien artifacts so he could give him the Burrow Beast Datacore.

Finally, Shama led Crypto and the other cult members in Takoshima on a chant to summon Arkvoodle and he gave Crypto the Burrow Beast Datacore. However, Shama had grown too cocky and declared himself as the leader of the Arkvoodle cult, and on a mission from the Black Ninjas, Crypto gladly took up the offer of killing him due to growing differences between their methods and Shama's growing ego. The White Ninjas attempted to protect him and Arkvoodle gave him the same number of lives that Crypto had lost. When all of his lives were used up, Arkvoodle lost interest in him and Shama was killed. From an article in the Takoshima newspaper he was to be replaced with the son of Sleepy Ernst from DAH! who ran the cult into the ground.

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