Shenlong is the third area visited in

Shenlong's loading screen.

Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon, and a parody of Hong Kong.

Landmarks Edit

The Monastery - Home of the Master and his students, this building serves as the main base for Crypto and Pox during their time in Shen Long. This is the first area Crypto visits in Shenlong after gaining consciousness.-Wong Tai Sin Temple.

The White Dragon Base - Located near the docks, it is owned by Saxon and run by his pupil Rolo. The base is surrounded by White Dragon members and is destroyed after Crypto tricks the Police into attacking it.

Shen Long Docks- A city port where Crypto uses his Tornado-tron to wipe out the forces and later where he gets his Dislocator and destroyed the cargo ship.

Shen Long Power Plant- The city's power plant Crypto destroyed it by clogging up the stacks in an odd job mission.

Kowdong City- a crowded district most known for its crimes, drunks, and hookers. Here, Crypto ruins and destroys Saxon's Tea company-Kowloon Walled City.

Shen Long Police HQ- The police HQ of the city here Crypto convinces the chief into investigating the docks and was later destroyed by a Nexo Walker in an odd job mission.

Sculpture Garden- City park were Crypto beat up Rolo an destroyed the Martial Artsman.

Financial Square Tower- The green building this were Crypto protects Rolo from the Police and SWAT Team-either a modern parody of the Jardine House or a parody of the Glocester Tower.

Financial Square Tower 2- The tallest building it is on the left of the green building- Sun Hung Kai Center.

Albion Square- Park were Crypto protects the businessman-London Square.


The Master

Saxon- same name from Enter the dragon film

Rolo- Bolo Yeung from Enter the Dragon film

Madam Ginsei- The Matron of a brothel

The Master's Mole



  • It is often joked that the "long" is pronounced with a very long "on", pronouncing it as "Shenlooooooooooooooong"; sometimes, even longer.
  • Shen Long citizens will often joke in their thoughts, about the Chinese government taking on Communism.
  • Shen Long (神龍) translates as God Dragon in Chinese

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