The Military will begin to engage Crypto after the Police are overwhelmed. They send cargo trucks that deploy Soldiers (or Armored Personnel Carriers in Destroy All Humans! 2's case) and tanks to take out Crypto.

Destroy All Humans!Edit

U.S. Army Soldiers are always armed with the M1 garand.However, despite being the late 1950's, they appear to be dressed in 1940's era uniforms and gear.

Destroy All Humans! 2Edit

This is the first game in the series to feature Military Personnel from other countries.

Soldiers are initially only armed with the M3 Sub-machine gun (except the British Soldiers who will always carry them) When the threat level is raised, Rifles, (Machine guns in Japan's case) and Anti-Armor weapons are brought to the fight. The Americans have M16A1s, Soviets have AK-47s, and the Japanese have the outdated Type-99 Light Machine Gun. U.S Army Officers have a Beret, and always carry a M1917 revolver.

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