Sunnywood is the Second area featured in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon. And is a parody of the real life Hollywood/Los Angeles, California.


The Wood- Destroy Sunny from the Sunnywood sign.

Through the hole-Throw "only a civilian" into the doughnut hole.

Around the world- Use the globe to cause havik.


Sunnywood Hotel- The place where Crypto starts in the game- The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Sunnywood Sign- The city's main landmark- Hollywood Sign.

Sunnywood Shores-The city's beach- Venice Beach.

Frankodyne Plant- The Nuclear power plant in Sunnywood where Crypto have to destroy to lure James Grandee out, later mentioned in Belleville. (Note only the Colling Towers appeared in the PS3 giving a good hint that game was not finished)

Sunnywood University- The city's college-UCLA.

Sunnywood Bowl- The city Concert where Crypto lured Calvin out and where he fight the first Nexo Walker.

Hilly Hills- A residential community-Beverly Hill. (note Beverly Hills is not part of LA showing that the town is like a side city)

Studio 51- A dance club where Crypto meets the producer and director of Bodymorphers disquised A Tony the dance king- Studio 54.

Sunnywood Hospital- A hospital.

Typewarners Studios- A movie studio that Crypto destroys so he can get his movie in and Bodymorphers out- Warner Brothers Studio.

Gruaman's Chinese Theater- The theater of Sunnywood-(real name).

Capital Records Building- The circular building next to Gruaman's Chinese Theater. (note a clone is right next to it)

Bank of Sunnywood- The blue building the second tallest-It may be a parody of The Bank of America Tower or the Aon Center but with a different building look.

Sunywood Post Office and Bank- The place where Crypto robbed the ATM for the movie- A more modern parody look for the US Post Office and Court House.

Sunnywood Tower-The tallest building in the city- It could be a strange parody for the LA City Hall or the US Bank Tower(Even though the US Bank Tower wasn't even around in 1979 many other landmarks in Las Paridiso (Nero's Pallazo-Ceaser's Palace Roman Tower) and Shen Long (The tall building in behind the Financial Square Tower-Sun Hung Kai Center wasn't around in 1979- Its not really going with the time period).


Jack Trippleson-Jack Nicholson

Tony the Dance King-John Travolta in the film Saturday Night Fever

Veronica Stone

The guard

The producer-could be Steven Steilburg

The director- could be Steven Steilburg

James Grandee

Dr. C. Curt Calvin

Deep Navel

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