The Cult of Arkvoodle is a collection of Hippies, Guru's, Modern Hippies, Hippie Freaks, Hippie Flippies, Yappies, Loppies, Hippie Dancers and any hippie you can make up, even Ninjas are in the cult. They worship Arkvoodle in the name of love and The Sacred Crotch. They come from all kinds of places, including America, England and Japan.

The Cult is somewhat led by Crypto, but when he locates, rescues, and promotes the Hippie Guru Shama Llama, and he manages the Cult Of Arkvoodle, all the while getting *drunk* with the power and fame. He helps Crypto get a new weapon called the Burrow Beast, and is later killed by Crypto. After Shama Llama is killed, the son of Sleepy Ernst is made the leader/manager of the cult, but it ends up a complete failure. A Takoshima Paper ad says that "Ernst led the Cult into hell.... so to speak. It was completely dissolved."

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