The Rock, formally known as Alcatraz, is a deserted prison island located in the center of the bay in Bay City. It serves as the KGB base of operations.

The Rock is visited a couple of times by Crypto:

The Guns of AlcatrazEdit

Crypto proceeds towards The Rock to gather potential information revealed in Oronchov's last transmission to an almost defeated Coyote Bongwater. After preventing the KGB's plan of the annihilation of Bay City by the use of time bombs located in four trucks, Crypto destroys the compound as payback.

Assassination: The EqualizerEdit

Crypto is assigned to put an end to an arms-smuggling operation set up by the KGB, the racket of which has driven Pox "sick." Apparently, agents still dwell around the recovered base and once Crypto finds out about the location of the KGB safe houses there, he leaves The Rock in ruins yet again.

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