The Rock, formally known as Alcatraz, was a deserted prison island that was located in the center of the bay in Bay City. It served as the KGB Base of operations.

The Rock was visited twice by Crypto:

The Guns of AlcatrazEdit

Crypto proceeded towards the Rock in order to gather potential information that was revealed in Ivan Oranchov's last transmission to an almost defeated Coyote Bongwater. After he prevented the KGB's plan of the annihilation of Bay City by the use of four nuclear time bombs that were located in four trucks, Crypto destroyed the Rock as payback with the Saucer.

Assassination: The EqualizerEdit

Crypto was assigned by Orthopox to put an end to an arms-smuggling operation that was set up by the KGB, the racket of which had driven Pox "sick." Apparently, the KGB still dwelt around the Rock and once Crypto found out about the location of the KGB safehouses there, he left the Rock in ruins again and destroyed the safehouses.

Appearances Edit