Trahn was the proprietor of Big Willy's in Vietmahl and a traitor to both Crypto and Orthopox.

History Edit

Trahn, the proprietor of Vietmahl's Big Willy's, gave Crypto information on how to sneak into Colonel Kluckin's Base and to kill the supply convoys that were (supposedly) going to supply Kluckin, but later revealed that the convoys were going to kill Kluckin after Crypto destroyed them and Trahn was imprisoned in a cage. When Pox located his whereabouts, Trahn tried to kill Crypto with explosive chickens. Trahn rode a moped with a crude shield that protected him which was destroyed slowly by Crypto's Weapons and Trahn attacked by throwing chickens with explosives that were tied to their bodies which ran after Crypto. Trahn was eventually killed by Crypto.

Appearances Edit