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Crypto roaming around Turnipseed Farm.

Turnipseed Farm is the first area Crypto visits in Destroy All Humans!. It belongs to Harold and Martha Turnipseed. Crypto mutilates 6 cows and then kills Harold, making him the first human to die in the series. Martha then calls the Police, at which time Crypto kills the farmhands. The Police arrive and investigate Crypto's Saucer. He kills the Cops and (if the player chooses to) Martha, then enters his Saucer and destroys the human dwellings. Later, a Military infantry unit enters Turnipseed Farm and attempts to stop Crypto.

After they fail to stop him, a black sedan arrives at the scene. Two figures dressed in black get out of the car and are surprised to see that " Little Green Man in a Flying Saucer wiping out the best infantry unit in the U.S. Army." They are now aware of Crypto, and will stop at nothing to put a stop to his plans. After this mission, the player can roam around Turnipseed Farm as they please. The time here is quite early in the morning. The newspaper that reports on the events near Turnipseed Farm is "The Grover County Gazette", indicating that it is located in Grover County.

Destination Earth is the only mission in Turnipseed Farm.

Places of InterestEdit

  • Turnipseed Farm - Turnipseed Farm (also the name of the map) is owned by Martha and Harold Turnipseed. The farm seems to have many workers and helpers, and takes up half of the map. They seem to raise cows and chickens. A farmer mentions in his thoughts that they also raise sheep, although no sheep appear in the game.
  • Highway - A large highway in the middle of the map, which separates the Turnipseed Farm from the rest of the town. It also creates a fork in the road.

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