The Venus Human Trap was one of Crypto's
Venus Human Trap

An above view of the Venus Human Trap.

most deadly weapons in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon.


The Venus Human Trap sprouted from a spore that was ejected from its gun. The Venus Human Trap started with two tentacles that grabbed and threw Humans into its gaping maw, but with upgrades (or if the Trap ate enough), it grew up to six tentacles and gained the ability to vomit up the Brains of its victims. It also ate vehicles; including Tanks and Helicopters (only with upgrades). The plant had a health bar that decreased over time, and was replenished by Transmogrify. Once another spore was planted, the first Venus Human Trap retreated into the ground and died.



S.W.A.T. members fighting the Venus Human Trap.

Venus Human Trap 2

The Venus Human Trap about to consume a group of Humans.

Venus Human Trap 4

A tank learning not to get near a Venus Human Trap.

Trivia Edit

  • Orthopox stated that only one Venus Human Trap may be used at a time, otherwise they would turn on each other.
  • The Venus Human Trap had a similar function to the Burrow Beast.
  • As stated by Pox, Venus was once a lush and fertile jungle planet, until the Martian War.
  • If Crypto fired a Venus Human Trap Spore, any enemies attacked it rather than Crypto: they registered it as a greater threat than Crypto.
  • Crypto could use PK to "hand feed" the plant.
  • The Venus Human Trap could not spawn on the Fourth Ring of Furon (however it could spawn in Funky Town, and also the mission where you got clone jelly, and the place where all the humans that Crypto abducted actually let you place one inside of the cage).

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