Veronica Stone Face

Veronica in the game's intro

´´ Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, Alien Invaders, do they exist?, I'm Veronica Stone and for 42 of the next 60 minutes we will be IN QUEST FOR.... ALIENS´´

- Veronica to the Public.-

Susan Veronica Alison Stone is a female news reporter with an obsession of paranormal activity, and the host of a show called "In Quest for..." (a parody of In Search of...). She only appeared in Destroy all Humans! Path of the Furon.

History Edit

During Sunnywood and Shen LongEdit

After Crypto tries to lure her out for questioning with the Venus Human Trap, she is captured by the Lunarians, and after which is later rescued and defended by Crypto.

Then she introduces Crypto to a Lunarian called Deep Naval, which Crypto does him favors and ends up betraying him. After that, Crypto, Pox, and Veronica create a setup to Curt Calvin  to publicly reveal his Furon condition on the Sunnywood Bowl, but Calvin is killed by a Nexo Walker and when Crypto defeats it, he is kidnapped by the Master's monks and taken to Shen Long.

Veronica comes to Shen Long soon after she gets a lead in a popular sci-fi magazine, where she is doing a story on corrupt law enforcement, and, with help from Crypto, exposes the Police Chief's corruption. For this, the Police Chief tries to kill her, and once again with Crypto, she escapes. As revenge, she has Crypto lure a Nexo Walker to the Police department building where it then destroys it, and she also gets a good story to go with it.

However, after sending a Nexo Walker into the Police station, she is neither seen or heard from again. It was never explained what happened to her after.


  • Like Natalya, Crypto regularly flirts with her, though unlike Natalya, she appears to enjoy it and even uses it to have him protect her, stating "Remember, Crypto, protect me and you get me". 
  • While on Cinematic Appearances, she uses a pink coat, but during Odd Jobs or Story Missions, she uses a blue vest.

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