Vietmahl was the final area in Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed. It was tropical and in the middle of a war. Colonel Kluckin made a deal and got all corpses from the battle field, because he tried to copy Big Willy's. Its areas included Kluckin's Tempal Base, No Man's land, Hung Long Village, Fishing Village, F' Rhan Shrine, Kamer Biege Base, and the Yahtzee River.

At the end, Orthopox decided to drop Big Willys and Crypto was upset because, as he put it: "AFTER I RISKED AND REPEATEDLY LOST, MIND YOU, LIFE AND LIMB FOR THAT DUMB RESTAURANT"!! Pox replied: " I'm afraid my heart is just not in it anymore, I mean, Kluckin was just my first challenge, free enterprise isn't as easy as a Furon Invasion".

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