Crypto's Ground WeaponsEdit

Zap-O-Matic A Furon enforcement weapon that fires a burst of electricity, electrocuting the target. The electrical streak of the Zap-O-Matic is a glossy, oceanic, neon blue. It can also chain

Crypto holding the Zap-O-Matic.

between targets starting at two, until further upgraded. It has unlimited bolt power, but requires a battery recharge after use. Its firing sound effects are different in every game: In Destroy All Humans!, the Zap-O-Matic sounds like a crackling bolt of electricity, while the later game's Zap-O-Matics sound more science fictional than actual. The different sounds, could possibly be because of the different models of Zap-O-Matics using different power sources, batteries, or different ways of channeling the electricity.

Crypto holding the Disintegrator ray.

Disintegrator Ray The Disintegrator Ray, the third weapon Cryptosporidium received in Destroy All Humans! fires a molten ball of energy, it only takes a few bursts of the Disintegrator Ray to turn a human into a pile of ashes. It is also effective against cars and tanks.

Ion Detonator "How do I love the Ion Detonator. This ingenious weapon launches a plasmatic Ion Bomb, which will either explode within approximately ten seconds, catching and instantly killing any human foolish enough to be caught in its wide blast radius, or can be detonated remotely at will." (Orthopox 13 in manual description) It is very good weapon when there is a need to kill a group of humans or if there is 2-3 tanks which need to be destroyed in short time.

Anal probe "Even though these humans are inferior in every way,
Crypto's new anal probe

The Orthopox AP-77 Anal Probe

that doesn't mean that they can't be examined.The Anal probe serves a two-pronged purpose. One, it allows us to study them...intimately. Two, it pleases me to no end {C {C}{C {C

seeing them running around grabbing their behinds." A quick shot will send the average person running away. A full charge will extract their brain so you can obtain DNA. The second anal probe dose not to be charged. The third anal probe has ammo but when shot at a human it comes back to the weapon. The fourth needs to shoot a couple of times at humans and has lots of ammo and targets a human.

Meteor Strike

Crypto after using Meteor Strike.

Meteor Strike The Meteor Strike is a destructive weapon used on foot by Crypto in Destroy all Humans! 2. It is also the only on foot weapon ever able to destroy buildings efficiently. If fully upgraded it is able to summon a small moon along with three meteors.


Crypto with Gastro Gun.

Gastro Gun The Gastro gun is a weapon used by Crypto in Destroy all Humans! 2. The weapon fires a holo pox unit which has a hologram of Gastro (who along with Pox downloaded his conscience in a holo pox unit when the Mothership was destroyed.) The hologram of the ship's janitor then fires away with his machine gun, obliterating anyone unfortunate enough to be in his sights.

Shrink Ray Shrinks almost anything; ex. cars, crates, boxes, containers, and humans. The Shrink Ray is not able to shrink buildings, boss level characters, or anything part of the environment. Crypto is not able to PK anything that has been shrunk. Once an enemy has been shrunk they will not attack you; humanoid enemies will run away in terror and vehicles will stop what they are doing.

Superballer The Superballer is a Dislocater esque weapon used on foot by Crypto in Destroy All Humans! and Path of the Furon. It fires a rainbow colored ball that grabs a prop or person and bounces it till it is destroyed.

Zombie Gun The Zombie Gun is an on foot weapon used by Crypto in Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed. This weapon fires green shots which turn humans into zombies to distract cops. True to the classic movie monster fiction, the zombies will also turn other people into zombies by attacking them.

Ball Lightning A ball of pure energy that is attracted to anything metal and electrocutes humans nearby and can shoot three together.

Venus fire trap.

The Venus Human Trap causing havoc.

Venus Human Trap Shoots a ball like object and a giant Venus Fly Trap comes out eating everything in its way. You can Psychokinesis to objects and living beings to the monster so it can also eat those as well.

Burrow Beast This weapon shoots a spherical green lure that attracts a worm creature
Crypto uses the burrow beast

Crypto watches as the Burrow Beast eats a hippie.

(similar to the Tremor movie worm monsters). The creature is shown to eat humans and Blisk. Crypto can use PK to carry the lure around so the creature can spread to different areas.

Crypto with Dislocator. The enemy is flying after being shot by the weapon.

Disclocator The Dislocator sends a pink energy disk at the target, causing it to be hurled in random directions. Often the object will fly towards Crypto, forcing him to dodge it. Only a certain number of disks can be flying at one time (this number can be increased with upgrades, and maxes out at 4). The Dislocator, unlike most weapons, regenerates its own ammunition. Each disk ends its run by flying up into the air and dropping the subject. The more disks attached to heavy objects (like tanks, cars) the higher and easier they fly through the air. In Path of the Furon the Dislocator can carry more ammo, fly faster, and can do more damage.

Black Hole Gun Summons a black hole sucking humans, animals, and vehicles into it. After a short time the black hole explodes, releasing all the brains it acquired from the humans it sucked in.

Crypto's Saucer WeaponsEdit

Death Ray The Saucer's simplest and most classic weapon, the Death Ray is able to vaporize grounded enemies, explode vehicles, and destroy buildings and most structures. When the Death Ray is active, the front of the Saucer opens and a red laser sight is emitted. As its name suggests, the Death Ray, once activated, kills anything on contact.

Anti Gravity Field A weapon that has an anti gravity effect on all vehicles, humans, and animals around it. When the effect wares off, the blast explodes.

Sonic Boom The Saucer is able to release a large sound blast that destroys anything it hits with a bang. The impact the Sonic Boom is able to inflict is enough to level a tank with a direct hit. When the Sonic Boom is active, a large metal funnel sticks out of the front of the Saucer.

Quantum Deconstructor Able to demolish city blocks with one blast in a number of seconds, the Quantum Deconstructor is the Saucer's strongest weapon, and arguably the most powerful weapon in every game. Once the Quantum Deconstructor is active, the front of the Saucer opens to reveal a large cross shaped object, emitting a shining green glow. The Saucer then shoots a green projectile that annihilates anything in its path like a mini nuclear bomb. The Quantum Deconstuctor is usually one of the last weapons Crypto acquires on his "quest".

Seeker Drones A weapon designed to lock on to fast moving targets and attack them with a barrage of rockets. When primed, the Saucer will lock onto an enemy and will shoot it's cache of rockets. The number of rockets the Saucer is able to launch and how many of those hit the same target, depend on how far the seeker drones have been upgraded.

Tornadotron Capable of unleashing one of Earth's mightiest forces of nature, the Tornadotron is clearly one of the Saucer's strongest weapons. The Tornadotron allows the saucer to unleash a devastating tornado to decimate and terrorize anything in its path. After the tornado has been launched, Crypto is able to direct where it goes, until it disappears. One thing that sets this weapon apart from any other of the Saucer's weapons, is it is able to be used while cloaked; making the humans think it is an act of God.

Plasma Cannons Weapon that shoots plasmic ammo like a machine gun. This may in fact be a successor to the Sonic Boom due to its similar effect when it contacts with the environment around it. Also, in the 1st game, during the Developer Darwinisim of the game, the Sonic Boom was originally a blue plasma machine gun.

Crypto's Saucer ToolsEdit

  • Abducto Beam: A beam that can lift and carry objects, humans, and vehicles
  • Cloak: A tool that temporarily makes the Saucer invisible
  • Drain: A feature that can regenerate the Saucer's shield by draining vehicles of their energy or power.
  • Transmogrify: A tool that transmogrifies objects and vehicles into saucer ammo.

Big Willy WeaponsEdit

{C Heat Beam - Twin heat beams fire from the mech's eyes it can also be used to destroy objects like rockets missiles and buildings.

Wind Breaker - Big Willy flatulates and lets out a massive shock wave destroying the area.

Regurge A Tron - Big Willy vomits out a wave of acid.

Pick up, drop, throw and slam - Big Willy can pick up, throw, and slam anything like trees, cargo, or even the Big Willy sign.

Deoxyribonucleic acid - Big Willy can pick up a human and squeeze the brain until popping point. Eating brains give Big Willy a boost of power.

Jump - Causes Big Willy to jump and create a shock wave upon landing. It's the only attack that doesn't need fuel or upgrades.

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