The White Ninjas were a ninja group in Takoshima, who opposed the Black Ninjas.

History Edit

The White Ninjas were once under a ninja sensei along with the Black Ninjas and both groups wore gray. Unfortunately, the retailer soon ran out of gray clothes and left only black and white clothing. The Black Ninjas acquired the black clothing first and started the war. At one point, the White Ninjas found out about the Furons and began to worship them. In 1969, Crypto came to Takoshima and appeared before the White Ninjas after he listened to their radio broadcast. Despite being questioned, Crypto earned the White Ninja's trust by answering their questions and repelled a Black Ninja attack. From then on, the White Ninjas aided Crypto on his missions in Takoshima.

Cryptosporidium, who was discovered to be Arkvoodle's Sacred Son, recruited the White Ninjas into The Cult of Arkvoodle. Their alliance was broken when Crypto gunned down the increasingly ego-maniacal cult leader, Shama Llama. Despite the White Ninjas considering Crypto an enemy to kill on sight, that change only lasted for a while before they suddenly stopped being hostile.

Overview Edit

The White Ninjas were considered to be the "good guys" mostly due to the fact that they opposed the citizen-slaughtering Black Ninjas. By virtue, they were peaceful and allowed anyone to join them at the Zen Temple. The White Ninjas were noted for worshipping the Furons and their God, Arkvoodle.

The White Ninjas attacked by moving quickly, throwing needles, slashed with their claws and swords, and telported with smoke much like the Black Ninjas. They could be summoned to attack by hitting a nearby gong in an area filled with Black Ninjas. Much like the Black Ninja's, the White Ninja's thoughts were expressed in Haiku.

Appearances Edit