""Kenji Mojo make me very angry! Yesterday he tell me his wife prettier than mine! Today he tell me his skill at Ikebana much better! He may be the leader of East Tiger Yakuza, but this time he go to far!""
―-Yamanosuke Hiroto.[src]

Yamanosuke Hiroto.

Yamanosuke Hiroto was the leader of the West Yakuza and was voiced by Paul Nakauchi.

Hiroto was good friends with East Yakuza Leader Kenji Mojo, until Kenji said that his wife was prettier than his.

In an odd job, Hiroto appointed Crypto (who was disguised as a West Yakuza ) to lure Kenji into a trap by calling him in a phone booth, but as it turned out, the West Yakuza had a traitor in their midst and Crypto killed him instead.

In another odd job, Crypto killed both Hiroto and Kenji under orders of the KGB, who wanted the Yakuza dead because they stole their thunder as the bad guys. 

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