The Zombie Gun, also called the Reanimatron, is one of Crypto's weapons, used only in Big Willy Unleashed.

Description and EffectEdit

This weapon shoots green gobs at humans, converting them into zombies. Like a regular zombie army, a bite from them can turn another human into another zombie, though it can also kill the human. The zombies do not attack Crypto, but any armed human will begin ignoring Crypto and proceed to fight the zombies. The weapon only kills the target if it's an animal. This weapon requires ammo.

In the StoryEdit

The Zombie Gun is given attention in a few side missions in Big Willy Unleashed. In Fairfield, Gondii orders Crypto to use it order to prove his abilities. Also, Orthopox orders it used on a number of humans in order to create a zombie soccer team, which ends up killing the other team. Finally, it's used in Vietmahl in order to ruin Colonel Kluckin's food supplies by packing a convoy truck with human zombies.

Trivia Edit

Crypto states that he loves to use the Zombie Gun on a few occasions, mainly in Fairfield.

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